EMU-Oil is a wonder Oil obtained from national bird of Australia with numerous qualities.
EMU Fat is converted into EMU Oil which is a rich source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).
EMU Oil manufactured by FREDUN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD is almost 100% pure Emu oil having no smell or colour.
Bird N Beauty - Pure Emu Oil
EMU oil has been used as a pain relieving treatment for muscle strains and joints with  beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and has ability to penetrate the skin.
It also provides protection from solar UV rays  because of its non-phosphorous composition.
Hence EMU Oil is used in various cosmetic formulations also, like soaps, shampoosfacial creams etc.
It is also used in hair oil formulations to avoid hair loss.

It is an unique oil with amazing properties. It is completely absorbed by the skin and leaves no residue like other oils. It is found to be useful as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agent, regenerates skin cells due to the presence of natural Vitamin E and other omega oils. It is also recommended to reduce pregnancy marks, scars stretch marks and for face and body massage. It has also been found to ease pain in joints and muscle aches.
Bird N Beauty - Hair Oil
As Emu oil contains natural Vitamin E, it helps in regenerating hair follicles and moistures the hair from the roots. The hair becomes silky eliminating the problems of dandruff and hair loss. Gently massage into your hair before sleep and after hair wash.
Bird N Beauty - Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
The natural Vitamin E and other Omega oils in the Emu oil shampoo and conditioner nourishes the hair and cleans the hair gently giving it a healthy sheen. It helps repair damaged hair and stimulates the hair follicles preventing dandruff and hair fall. The conditioner helps retain moisture and sheen from environmental damage.
Bird N Beauty - Moisturising Soap
Due to the benefits of omega oils added in the soap it makes the skin clean, soft  and glowing. It has natural emollient which is deep penetrating and hence helps in moisturising the skin.  The presence of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, natural Vitamin E & Ait is recommended for irritated, damaged and dry skin.
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