Nutraceuticals / Dietary / Herbal Supplements

The food industry is witnessing rapid changes due to various developments in a number of areas which include:


New types of food additives and their applications

Developments in agriculture and biotechnology

Demand for fortifiers

Application of new process technologies
Food safety and regulations governing the use of new additives in foods
India’s concern for nutrition is as old as its civilization. The concept of health as defined by the World Health Organization is “the state of complete physical, social and mental wellbeing and not merely absence of disease.

Nutrition and health are not synonymous, but without good nutrition health cannot be maintained. Food has always played a vital role in the rise and growth or the fall and decline of a nation because of its effect on the heath efficiency of its population.

Despite spectacular increase in the food production in recent years, the problem of chronic malnutrition continues to exist extensively, especially among children and women because they are caught in the relentless sequence of ignorance, poverty, inadequate food intake, diseases and early death. This has lead to an increasing awareness among planners about the importance of good nutrition.

The most scientific definition of the term Nutraceutical is; ‘‘a product isolated or purified from foods and generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food and demonstrated to have a physiological benefit, or provide protection against chronic diseases.’’

The Company has developed a range of personal health care products with natural active ingredients devoid of any poisonous heavy metals or synthetic additives which are objectionable. Every product is at par with world- class quality standards. Revitalize your body, reduce fatigue, improve your immunity and eliminate the negative energies from your body with Fredun Healthcare natural, standardized & efficacious range of products.
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