Fredna Enterprises
Fredna Enterprises is one of the group Companies of Fredun Group. The major activity of the Company is to manufacture a natural source of calcium known as Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex (MCHC) used for formulations for both human and animals. Fredna Enterprises is the largest manufacturer of MCHC in India.

It is a unique Calcium Supplement with a bioavailable (about 25% calcium and about 12% phosphorus ) in the natural ratio of 2:1. It contains trace minerals, about 25% proteins about 12% collagens all in the natural form. X-ray crystallography & electron microscope studies have also been carried out to establish its bioavailability. Its efficacy is time–tested and clinically proven for more than 50 years. This makes it the most effective and safe calcium supplement for children, adults and old. It is also used in animal healthcare products for a number of years.

DentX3D is the latest venture of Fredna Enterprises. DentX3D is an advanced Maxillofacial Imaging Centre. It covers an entire range of maxillofacial radiographs from CBCT to OPG, LAT CEPH, from EXTRAORAL radiographs like PA WATERS, SUBMENTOVERTEX to BITEWING radiographs etc. For more details you can visit us on
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